Frama OfficeMail

Frama EcoMail

Frama EcoMail

Program in up to nine fixed values to handle the bulk of your outgoing mail at a single stroke!.

Underline your professionalism in the way you manage your post! Right from the start, an EcoMail franking machine gives you the same benefits high volume postal users enjoy, including the easy changing of advertising messages and remote uploading of postal credit. EcoMail franking machines are so easy to use. Access every function or any postal value with the touch of a finger.


Save with it! The rechargeable ink-ribbon cassette EcoFill is another Frama exclusive that is environment-friendly and saves money too. And to change the ink-ribbon is child´s play!

Frama F-Link: Intelligent, Internet-based communication

Stay connected with the optional Frama F-Link! Latest IP-technology and communication via the internet provide short and error-free communication to FramaOnline2.

Frama OfficeMail

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