Kern 3000

K3000: The Speed Leader

The Kern 3000 MegaMailer is a legend in high-speed performance as the fastest inserting system on the market with 26,000 filled envelopes per hour. The K3000’s incomparably fast cutting, folding, grouping, inserting, sealing and checking all contribute to its record setting speed, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest document inserting system.

Reliably Fast

For large volume document processing, the K3000 achieves more insertions per hour saving time and money. This system also processes the most varying formats in seconds. It can fold each document either individually or in groups. For example, during the time it takes to read this sentence, the K3000 groups and folds 211 documents.

Advanced Cutting Technology

The systems incomparable speed begins at the advanced cutter. Excellent cutting quality is achieved whether starting from rolls or continuous stacks. Ease in employment is tried and tested in use and the cutting-knife unit can be changed in no-time.

The right information to the right people at the right time

This was and always will be the main principle of any Kern system. The K3000 is an advancement in document management with better technology and processes. The K3000 is equipped with an advanced reading system, ensuring that the contents of every finished mail piece is accurate.

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