Kern 4300

Kern 4300 Multi-Purpose Inserting System

Highly versatile, the Kern 4300 inserter excels as a multi-purpose inserter. Able to use a number of different feeders, the K4300 can process a wide variety of jobs to meet the demands of many diverse industries.

High Volume Performance

The K4300’s high speed, combined with its open design, increases output, performance, and productivity. The continuous running chain reduces errors and maximizes uptime, resulting in up to 10,000 mail pieces processed per hour.

Modular: Protection for your investment

The K4300 has Kern unique modular design. Feeders can be changed and upgraded as needed, allowing for future expansion of the system and added protection to the value of your investment. Intelligent Processing.

Like other Kern inserting systems, the K4300 comes with a highly intelligent processing system including:

  • Scanners for barcodes and 2D codes
  • Photocell reading for OMR
  • Camera system for OCR
  • Front and/or back end reading for verification purposes
  • Feeder Solutions

    Different feeder modules in various mountings on the K4300 enables the processing of a wide variety of jobs. K4300 compatible feeders include:

    • Rotary feeder
    • Shuttle feeder
    • Hybrid feeder
    • Pick & Place feeder
    • Friction feeder
    • Label dispens
    • Pen feeder

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