Kern 658 Inserting System

Kern 658 Inserting System

Incorporates various outstanding characteristics:

The Kern 658 Inserting System is constructed with the well-known and proven Kern technology. The processing speed is constantly adjustable to suit the various processing conditions. When starting the system the speed will be automatically optimized to the application to he processed.


A complete paper flow control system ensures Best possible protection of your documents. All operating Information for the system is displayed. The optical mark reading system is secured by parity code.

modular construction

The modular design of the Kern 658 Inserting System allows you to extend the functions at a later stage.

  • Folding station
  • 1-3 Feeding stations
  • Optical mark reading (OMR)
  • Wide range of output conveyors
ease of operation

One of the outstanding features is the display unit an the control panel for better communication between the operator and the system.

The operator can change the Kern 658 Inserting System applications quickly and efficiently.

The entire system is modular in design reducing maintenance and service requirements.

Specifications 658

Compact, little floor space required

Cycling speed
Up to 8'000 envelopes/h

Production volume
Medium to large

Input channels
Up to 2

Up to 3

Envelope dimension
C6 to B5

Packing thickness
2 mm

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