Mailmax II Speed

Mailmax II Speed

High Volume Franking

The Franking machine Mailmax II Speed makes light work of your volume mailings thanks to its fully automated, speed efficient feeder which will turn your stack of unfranked mail into a completed job with minimum user intervention.

Mailmax. Franking with the newest technology. Digital all the way from ComTouch™ to high-quality ink-jet printing. Modular from the basic model right up to the fully automatic Mailmax II franking system. Modular in function, too. Each function is individually programmable via ComTouch™. For example,

Automatically apply all your most-used mail categories in line with the latest postal regulations (tariff identifications) with a single key stroke. Who’s using which mail services most? Obtain an overview quickly and easily at any time. Print out an overall postage expense report directly from the franking system or analyse it in detail on your PC. The answer to every need you have today, tomorrow and in the fore seeable future is already integrated in Frama’s Mailmax system. Incl. postal rate calculation, automatic date change, franking cost statistics and easy change of advertising message. Behind it all the way is the Frama philosophy of relevant innovation, one that delivers crucial and exclusive advantages to you every working day maximum performance with minimised overheads.

Mailmax II Speed

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