Frama Mailmax

Frama Mailmax

Digital, expandable and a hight degree of user comfort. That's 100% Mailmax.

Everything you need, today and tomorrow is already integrated in the Mailmax system.

Including 9 user-programmable fixed values, automatic date change, up to 250 cost-centres with franking cost statistics for print-out, up to 8 easy to change advertising slogans, as well as (where the Post requires it) "Data Matrix" printing and remote credit loading per modem.

Mailmax means the latest in digital franking technology, all the way from the user-friendly exclusive Touch-Screen to the top quality ink-jet printing system. Modular, step by step, from the basic Mailmax I to the fully automatic Mailmax II franking system.

Advertising messages

Mailmax ink-jet technology enables smearfree, variable two-dimensional "Data Matrix" barcode printig. Your promotional possibilities are equally variable. Use ComTouchâ„¢ to easily select specific advertising messages for different cost centres, departments or divisions.

Frama Mailmax with S-scale

Combine your Mailmax franking machine with a S-scale to optimise your daily mail handling further. Weighing, calculating postage and franking - all in one.

Franking statistics software

Who franked how many letters and when? Frama franking statistics software enables you to analyse all frankings by period, by cost-centre, by postal category, by destination and by additional mail services.

Frama F-Link: Intelligent, Internet-based communication

Stay connected with the optional Frama F-Link! Latest IP-technology and communication via the internet provide short and error-free communication to FramaOnline2.

Frama Mailmax

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