GFI VIPRE® Email Security for Exchange is an advanced, powerful, policy-based email security product that provides you as a system administrator the weapon to enforce email policies that protect your network against spam, phishing, viruses and other messaging security threats. VIPRE for Exchange provides a layered security approach for email inspection, cleansing and management. By using multiple scanning engines for antispam and antivirus, while integrating other email security rules, all treatment of messages occurs at the server, not at your end users’ workstations - no client software needed.

Aggressive virus detection and elimination

VIPRE for Exchange uses multiple commercial antivirus engines to scan inbound and outbound email, including the GFI VIPRE antivirus engine. The engine is a comprehensive antivirus engine that merges the detection of all types of malware into a single, efficient, and powerful system. The technology was exclusively built by GFI, formerly Sunbelt, without building on older generation antivirus engines and addresses the performance and resource headaches associated with traditional enterprise antivirus products.

You can set scanning parameters which include enabling or disabling individual scan engines as well as the desired action on detected infections. This allows you to disinfect and/or quarantine pieces of an email, essentially breaking apart the email message and only quarantining infected files instead of stripping all attachments. With this layered approach, VIPRE for Exchange not only quarantines and cleans viruses but also blocks potentially hazardous file attachments and looks for common virus signatures during the scanning process, including inspection within compressed ZIP files received in emails. VIPRE for Exchange automatically checks for updates to the virus definition files ensuring the latest threat definitions are applied.

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