Kern 980

Kern 980 Continuous Form Cutter pinfeed and Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter pinless

The Kern 980 / Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter - unique in terms of cut quality, performance and easy servicing - is an established member of the Kern system range.

Standard equipment on the Kern 980 / Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter includes many features that other providers only offer as accessories.

Characteristics of the unique Kern 980:

Fast, precise, Versatile

The continuous forms cutter satisfies all the varied requirements of computer print-out-processing at maximum speed. The proof is 34,200 high quality cuts per hour while simultaneously removing the horizontal perforations.

High reliability

The whole Operation is controlled electronically. The conformity between programmed transport depth and executed cutting depth is controlled and displayed.

Ease of Operation

The operating switches are clearly presented and the control panel with clearly marked function symbols.

Excellent cutting quality

The cutting quality is assured by the high quality tractor system and the ramped acceleration and deceleration. The digital transport positioning has been developed for Optimum transport control of the continuous forms.

Easy change-overs

The Kern 980 / Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter is accessible from all sides. Automatic paper entry and adjusting devices for the margin cut ensure easy Operation.

Minimal space requirement

The base of the Kern 980 / Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter requires less than 1 m2 (without connection units).

Minimal service needs

All the parts of the Kern 980 / Kern 985 Continuous Form Cutter are easily accessible and modular exchangeable. 7 million cuts without re-sharpening the blades is a record performance and therefore reduces considerably the service costs.

K985 Pinless Cutter

The K985 cutter can handle both types of continuous form rolls, whether your printers require pinfeed or can process pinless forms.

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